Raw Soul Express

Raw Soul Express

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Athens of the north and Symphoncal Records are proud to present the long lost Raw Soul Express LP in a special limited Vinyl only release. Mastered personally from the original tapes with love. If you don't know what this is then you're in the wrong game, the LP also includes the Full previously unreleased version of their rare-groove and surprisingly rare club classic "The Way We Live" in its full intended format. Solid Ballads are what makes the LP for me but there is not a bad track on there, boogie, funk and Rare-groove, blink and it'll be gone.

1.Get On Up And Get Freaky
2.Love Like This
3.I'd Like To Take A Shot
4.The Way We Live
5.Will You Be There
6.Come and Join Us
7.Let Go
8.We're Gonna Be Together
9.Do You Know What You Feel

Athens of the North

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